Corte is a line of professional painting products, including easels and canvas stretchers as well as cotton and linen canvasses.

In addition, we offer additional materialslike linseed oil, balsamic turpentine, gesso and many more.

 All products are characterised by the highest quality, verified by artists who use them.

 This proves the success of the brand, which we implemented in 2004 and its unique position on the market.

Basso is an economical combination of a good price with the European quality of the product.

The brand includes painting canvas produced on the 16x30 mm profile, painting boards and canvas linen. This brand is intended mainly for hobbyists, amateurs as well as students.


Decoro is a group of products for interior decoration. Passe partout is one of the most important product in the range. It is made of high quality cardboard in over 150 colours.

The use of professional equipment ensures high precision and allows you to cut any shape or pattern, also in large formats. We also offer aluminum, wooden frames and clip frames.

We have been producing passe partout since the beginning of our operations, since 2002.